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Horse Blankets

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Kensington Heavy-Weight SuperMesh Turnout  - Top of the line heavy winter blanket with protective cover. 433BKPS
Kensington Medium Weight Turnout Blanket   433H
Kensington Roustabout Standard Weight Turnout  Waterproof with the great Euro Design. 433RLT
Kensington  Roustabout Ultra Light Weight/Rain Sheet  Euro cut 433RS
Kensington KENS-I-TECH® Lightweight turnout Rug  Euro cut with wool lining K60W
Kensington  All Around Rain Sheet w/Polar Fleece Lining and Euro cut 433PF
Kensington  European Cut Rainsheet  433ERS

Yearling and Miniature Horse Blankets

Triple L Arctic Twister Waterproof Winter Blanket - Double buckle and velcro front and belly closures, tail piece and darts, great fit. LLL4600
Kensington Waterproof Roustabout Blanket  - Lami-Call system of waterproofing.  Foal, weanling, yearling and miniature sizes KM533LT
Kensington Quilted Roustabout Blanket - breathable and water resistant.  Foal, weanling, yearling and miniature sizes KM533Q

Horse Hoods & Neck Warmers

Kensington SuperMesh Full Hood  heavy weight and waterproof 8533BKPS
Kensington Standard Weight Full Hood  waterproof 8533RLT
Kensington Standard Weight Neck Warmer  waterproof 6533RLT
 Kensington SuperMesh Neck Warmer heavy weight and waterproof 6533BKPS

 Stable Sheets

Kensington Plaid Poly Day Sheet -  Euro cut with rip stop shell 433CI
Kensington Eqyptian Cotton Sheet -  100% cotton, wonderful feel. 433C
Kensington Eqyptian Cotton Sheet -  100% cotton, wonderful feel. Foal, Weanling, yearling, pony & mini sizes KMECS

Summer Sheets (UV and Fly Protection)

Kensington  Fly Sheet  Protective cover in Euro cut 433KPS
Kensington PolyMax Fly Sheet -  lightweight fly protective sheet 433PFS
Kensington Protective Sheet - Fly sheet or protective cover in traditional cut 533KPS
Kensington Protective Neck Piece   textilene mesh KPNP


Kensington Polar Fleece Fitted Cooler   high neck, wicks moisture 433HNF
Kensington Polar Fleece Square Cooler  wicks moisture K9096
Kensington Traditional Cut Fleece Cooler  wicks moisture 533F

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